How can small businesses use their website to gain leverage over the competition?

There are various marketing tools for a small business but of all the greatest is a dedicated business website. In the present time without a business website, any type of business will find it difficult to reach its full potential. There are several advantages of having an optimized web page. Here the key is to find the right strategies to unlock the full potential of a website. It will eventually turn into a money- making machine for the company. The below section discusses some of the most powerful aspects of having a small business website.

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1. Designing and structuring a business based on the business website

The small business website design helps focus on what is important for a company and brings more prospects. The use of suitable landing pages, pop-up pages, images, videos, social media handles, and survey forms help make a website fun and exciting. It is also beneficial for attracting a higher flow of traffic from different peaches on the internet. The use of an appropriate website structure and design is likely to direct customers to the product pages and eventually to the shopping cart. It can boost sales and also showcases the portfolio of the business. The right use of colors on web pages can help attract the attention of customers and highlight sales. Small businesses can make use of survey forms and discount coupons to connect with potential customers. The webpage design and structure should attract users and allow them easy access to the different functions.

2. Small business websites serve as the voice of a business

Small business website design is essentially the primary tool for sharing the voice of a company. The business web page should be the point of view for existing and potential customers. This is where content management is necessary. Sometimes web pages use a blogging system for posting content regularly to generate leads. Service-based businesses, MLMs, or direct sales blogging is highly effective. Small businesses can now share their voice with the global audience and watch their revenues climb.

3. A small business website serves as an excellent leverage tool

Individuals running a small business can use their web page to leverage over the competition. According to statistics over 65% of small businesses do not have a business web page. Only around 44% of businesses in the industry have web pages that customers use for buying products and services. For instance, if a business is selling skin care products it can immediately witness growth in revenue by having a web page.

4. Small business websites add expertise and authority

Since it is known that a small percentage of businesses have a dedicated website it is easy to understand how powerful it can be. Posting articles on the website puts the company name before the client or customers. The content should be relevant and informative. Small businesses always focus on providing information that will help buyers in making a purchase decision. All these things help a small business to establish itself as an authority or expert. Every week by sharing small informative content potential customers look to a business for critical answers.

5. A small business website is the ultimate advertising billboard

Majority of the small businesses have very little budget for advertising. Therefore one of the most effective and affordable ways of marketing is through a website. In this digital world website is the ultimate advertising Billboard for businesses of all sizes. For example, small businesses can present what they do or what they have on offer through a website. Typically websites are built as affiliate marketing sites for this purpose.  The expense of advertising in the newspaper or the magazine is quite high. Also that what is meant only runs a few times before the business will have to pay again. Using a website the ads can stay up for longer durations. Most people today use search engines and an optimized website can drive traffic using banner ads.

Websites help businesses sustain in all market conditions

Small business websites can help businesses become recession free in any market condition. The marketability of an online business never gets affected. Moreover, these web pages are responsible for bringing higher ranks in search engine result pages. A good website can help achieve ranks that are higher to bring a website to the initial pages of search engines. The website can help connect with a prospective client using which new business opportunities open up. Professional small business website design stimulates sales significantly higher than in-house website. The first impression of a web page gives prospective clients a more impressive image of the business.
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Mr Nikunj Agarwal Advisor - Future Tense, Dubai, UAE.

We highly appreciate our engagement with Nishant and the passion and professionalism he brings along. He took a very proactive ownership of our plans and requirements, to help and create the website from scratch. His expertise also helped us to optimize the multiple tools and resourcers required for the website, as a hallmark of securitng client's interests.

Mr Rajesh Jathar Founder - HUNK GOLDEN

We have been dealing with NiyanshTech over the years, normally it's a challenge to crack website design and content but with Nishant and team, it's been absolutely simple, understanding of business and meeting timelines has been perfect!

Mr Sanjay Khanna Chairperson - Lions Club

I would like to thanks NiyanshTech for making our club's website at record time. Their attention to details while building the website was much appreciated by the members of our club. We wish Nishant & team a great business future & looking forward to continuous ideas from them in making this website as an effective tool of social media.

Mr Ajay Muthreja Co-Founder & Director - Meghparma Industries

We were clueless about how to connect with our buyers to setup a B2B website. Manufacturers usually face difficulties but not with the 'NiyanshTech' team. Our thoughts were digitised the same way we would like to connect with our visitors, with finesse. Quick interpretation, to the point execution. Would love to work with you guys again.

RKD Studios

We got a website developed from NiyanshTech. Our experience was very smooth and they are extremely co-operative. They sent us a lot of options and accomodated all our changes to our satisfaction. NY Tech was very flexible in terms of website skeleton, payments, addition of new pages, etc. We thank Nishant and his team for their efforts.

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